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Find the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant in your area, order online a pizza delivery, take away or come to the restaurant and choose what you like most from the menu.

The choice may not be simple, because each of our tasty dishes is very tempting.

Do not hesitate, just take a quick look into our menu and check what we have for you. The full offer of Pizza Hut includes:
  • appetizing starters: chicken wings, crunchy garlic bread with or without cheese;
  • several versions of pizza flavors (including Margherita, Chicken Supreme, Salami, Garden Lover's, Champignon, Supreme and many others) on three types of dough to choose from: Pan cake - fluffy inside, crunchy on the outside, Traditional cake - delicate inside and grown on the edges and Traditional dough with cheese in the edges;
  • fresh caesar;

The choice is really wide. Order it now as you like, or take your family or friends to the nearest Pizza Hut Express.

Thanks to the Pizza Hut restaurant locator you can check exactly what menu is in the restaurant, which restaurant you order the pizza with delivery from and where you will get the pizza in 5 minutes (Pizza Hut Express). Pizza Hut the way you like it. Visit us at once. You are most welcome.

Want to learn more about Pizza Hut and its extraordinary history?

Here are some of the most important facts:
  • We have been satisfying the appetites of people all over the world for 60 years! On May 31, 1958, we opened our first restaurant - in the city of Wichita in Kansas USA. If you want to eat a pizza in this legendary place - you have chance to do it because the restaurant is still running at full speed.
  • Currently, we serve our dishes to guests visiting almost 14,000 restaurants located in various parts of the world.
  • We opened the first Polish Pizza Hut restaurant belonging to AmRest in 1993 in a tenement house on the Wrocław market, thanks to which Wrocław residents have been eating our delicacies for 25 years.
  • We were the first to launch the option of ordering pizza online! It was 1994, and the first pizza ordered online was pepperoni with mushrooms and extra cheese.
  • Pizza Hut reaches all corners of the world ... and even further! In 2001, the pizza delivery from Pizza Hut reached the International Space Station.
  • Nobody can resist our crunchy dough and delicious apetizers - even guests invited by Barbara Bush to the White House ate our pizza during the event.

Lazy afternoon, visiting friends, an important sports match or captivating movie ... we know all these scenarios perfectly. We also know that in such moments it also usually appears an irresistible temptation to feel the taste of a hot, crispy pizza. That's correct, right? That's why we launched:

Pizza Hut Delivery, a pizza with delivery to your address. If you feel hungry, do not hesitate, order online at Pizza Hut and within 30 minutes our driver knocks at your door and will give you a delicious pizza, full of fresh, natural ingredients. You can place an order at or call us at 772 779 779. Check the Pizza Hut Restaurant menu with delivery and choose what you feel like most.

Pizza Hut Express is our answer to the needs of those of who love to eat tasty and fast. We were able to accept the challenge and opened the Pizza Hut Express, where you'll get a pizza in just five minutes after ordering. Yes, it's not a mistake - after 5 minutes you will be able to take the first bite of a delicious, hot, crispy pizza. In the Pizza Hut Express menu you will find our most popular pizzas: Margherita, Grande Pepperoni, Hawaii, Prosciutto and pizza Do It Your Way. After placing the order, you will be able to follow every step of our crew. You will see how quickly our traditional thin crust is prepared and at what pace next fresh and delicious ingredients land on it. And after a few minutes in the oven - the pizza will go to your hands. You can also ask the service to prepare a takeaway pizza.